Online Air Brake Refresher Program

Driving a vehicle with air brakes in Alberta requires passing a written air brake knowledge test as well as an Albertan Registry after completing the program. The air brake program is designed to ensure drivers have the knowledge and skill necessary to safely operate vehicles on Canada’s roads. This program comes in 3 sections, with sections 1 and 2 covering the full Alberta Curriculum. Section 3 is a set of interactive activities to enhance the learner experience.

This refresher course can be taken as preparation for the Air Brake Program or before taking the Air Brake written test. It also serves as a comprehensive review for employees to ensure they are maintaining the skills necessary to be safe on the road.

Air Brake "Q" Endorsement is one of the most common safety certifications required for Alberta commercial drivers.

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Course Description

This online course does not confer a “Q” air brake endorsement on a driver’s license. It does not include on-site driver training or a practical road test. It is for drivers who already have a “Q” endorsement. Learners will learn braking fundamentals, and the components and operation of an air brake system. The goal of this course is to refresh students on how to test and maintain the system for proper function.

Course outcomes include:

  • Covering the testing and maintenance of systems
  • Reacting to system failures
  • Renewed confidence when driving commercial vehicles equipped with air brake systems
  • A recap of air brake training fundamentals that may be useful for participants to pass their approved air brake course and written knowledge test


You may purchase 1 course seat for yourself, or purchase multiple seats (discount available) to distribute to your employees.

Course Specifications

  • Language: English
  • Length: 90 Minutes
  • Certification: Yes (Upon Passing With 80%)
  • Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile (Chrome Recommended)

Course Preview

Air Brake Refresher Program Online Course Topics

This online Air Brake Refresher Program will prepare learners to understand in great detail how an air brake system works, how to conduct a pretrip inspection, and much more. Topics include:

  • Air Brake Pretrip
  • Airbrake System Overview
  • Supply System
  • Service System
  • Park Brakes
  • Tractor / Trailer
  • Automatic Traction Control
  • System Failures
  • Foundation Brakes and Adjustment
  • Air Operated Disc Brakes
  • Driving Tips
  • Downgrades
  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems

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Same day certification. 100% online Air Brake Refresher training. Downloadable certificate.



How do I get my air brake license in Alberta?

Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 drivers must complete an approved air brake course to get a Q endorsement on their driver’s licence to operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes.

To get a Class 1 driver’s licence, you must first complete the air brake endorsement.

Learners must complete classroom training, practical training, a practical assessment, and then finally pass a written knowledge test to earn their "Q" (or air brake) endorsement. This training must be offered by a licensed driver training school, as outlined by the Government of Alberta.

Classroom training is a minimum of 6.5 hours, followed by 15 minutes of instructor demonstration of a pretrip inspection. Students will practise the air brake pretrip inspection two times. The practical assessment is then a one-on-one setting using the Air Brake Practical Test Form, and is to be completed in 15 minutes. The learner will be issued a Notice of Air Brake Program Completion Form.

The Learner will bring that form to an Alberta Registry Agent and take the driver knowledge test (fee applicable). It is electronically administered and only available in English. Upon passing the test, the Registry Agent will apply a "Q" endorsement to the learner's driver's licence.

Further information is available here.

What are the benefits of an air brake course?

Learners benefit from understanding how to operate air brake systems, identify failures, and ultimately how to maximize the performance of the air brake system. A course, such as the Online Air Brake Refresher Program, is a valuable resource for learners to deepen their understanding of air brake system concepts before challenging the live Program, or to keep up their knowledge after holding the endorsement for a period of time.

What is the minimum age to get air brake endorsement in alberta?

Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age, with a valid Class 5 operator's licence.

Is there a road test to get the "Q" Endorsement?

There is no practical road test to get the "Q" endorsement in Alberta.

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