Fall Protection Online Training

Alberta workers are legally required to be trained in the safe use of the fall protection system on job sites where a fall protection system must be used (Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code). Falls are a leading cause of injuries on Alberta worksites, and even the equipment used for fall arrest and travel restraint can be dangerous without proper training. Get same-day training with our Fall Protection Online Training Course and be ready to obtain practical evaluation by a qualified individual.

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Course Description

This online Fall Protection Training course covers the basics of fall arrest, travel restraint, and work positioning, including fall protection definitions, components, fall calculations, equipment maintenance, and rescue planning. The course discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of using fall protection equipment for multiple industries, including construction, oil and gas, telecommunication, drilling and service rigs, power generation, and industrial environments.

Approved by Alberta Environment & Parks for Continuing Education Units.


You may purchase 1 course seat for yourself, or purchase multiple seats (discount available) to distribute to your employees.

Course Specifications

  • Language: English
  • Length: 180 Minutes
  • Certification: Yes (Upon Passing)
  • Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile (Chrome Recommended)

Course Preview

Fall Protection Online Training COurse topics

This online course is designed to prepare learners to work at heights on Alberta job sites. Topics include:

  • Fall protection statistics and case studies
  • Fall forces and speeds
  • Types of falls
  • Fall protection definitions
  • Anchor systems
  • Connecting components, including snap hooks and carabiners
  • Horizontal life lines
  • Full body harnesses
  • Free fall and total fall distance
  • Maximum arresting force
  • Clearance requirements
  • Swing fall hazards
  • Lanyards
  • Travel restraint and work positioning
  • Energy absorbers
  • Self-retracting devices
  • Life safety ropes
  • Vertical life lines and fall arrestors
  • Equipment maintenance, storage, and labels
  • Pre-use and formal inspections
  • Manufacturer’s instructions
  • Fall protection and rescue planning
  • Suspension trauma

Purchase Fall Protection Online training Today

Same day certification. 100% online fall protection training. Downloadable certificate.



What is Fall Protection Training?

Fall protection training encompasses two systems: fall arrest and travel restraint. The fall arrest component refers to systems and equipment that prevent falls from raised areas. Travel restraint refers to systems and equipment that prevents workers from reaching fall-risk areas in the first place. More information about fall protection legislation in Alberta is available here.

Do I need an in-person evaluation?

Upon successful completion of this course, the next step is evaluation by a qualified individual. Your company may have a recommendation or in-house evaluator who can conduct this evaluation. More information about Canadian requirements for fall protection training evaluation can be found here.

How Long Does Fall Protection Certification Last?

Your certification is valid for 3 years, but annual re-training is recommended.

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