Trades & Labour Industry Associations

There are over 25 major trades and labour associations represented in Alberta. They may be Alberta focused, or nation-wide but active in Alberta. These associations promote industry advocacy, safety and development initiatives, and help design and inform policy. They may also provide opportunities for students or employees, as well as access to tenders for employers across Alberta.

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Associations list


CAREERS is a unique, industry-led public/private not-for-profit foundation established in 1997. It brings together industry, schools, government, and communities to guide youth into successful career paths.

Canadian institute of quantity surveyors

CIQS works on behalf of its members to promote the profession to the construction industry, its allied professions and government officials.  It has developed reciprocal agreements with a variety of industry organizations and is a member of the International Construction Measurements Standards (ICMS). 

CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada)

The Christian Labour Association of Canada is a labout union that represents various companies in different sectors in Canada. Established in 1952, CLAC's goal is to represent workers on the basis of Christian social principles.

Alberta Construction Safety Association

Alberta's trusted partner in construction safety is Alberta Construction Safety Association. With their comprehensive, accessible courses they connect dedicated professionals throughout the province and Country with expertise in community of health and safety. 

Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association

ARHCA is Canada's largest heavy construction association in Canada. The 700+ member companies build vital infrastructure ranging from streets and curbs to sewers and water systems. From planning to completion ARHCA's members work in many sectors such as residential, commercial, oilfield and forestry projects. "The ARHCA advocates on behalf of contractors, suppliers, consulting engineers, and other professionals who work with them."

Canadian Construction Association

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) unites industries such as Canadian heavy civil, institutional, commercial and industrial construction inusty and their sectors to amplify their perspectives on issues that matter. Their mission is to "Inspire a progrssive, innovative and sustainable construction industry that consistently acts with integrity.

Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta

ECAA has been representing electrical contractors since 1962. They are the voice of empowered electricians in Alberta; "creating the forum for networking, training and information exchange."

BILD Alberta Association

The Building Industry and Land Development Association Alberta is the voice of the residential construction sector. BILD represents over 1300 home/land developers, professional renovators, suppliers, skilled trades and consultant members. BILD advocates for he advancements of industry such as making more: innovative, attractive, energy efficient and affordable homes and communities.

Alberta's Boilers Safety Association

ABSA is the pressure equipment safety authority for Alberta. ABSA provides safety programs under the Safety Code's act and has the authority to enforce that safety as set out in legislation. ABSA is a regulatory authority, but is not tied to the federal nor provincial governments; All of ABSA's financial needs are supported by fees paid from the pressure equipment industry.