Why Safety Matters: Certification & Employability at Alberta Job Sites

Safety Certifications aren't just a formality

If you're trying to find a job at an Alberta job site, you've probably come across terms like WHMIS, TDG, Ground Disturbance, and many others.

These safety certifications are part of a body of regulated training in Alberta, often required for workers to be legally allowed to perform certain job duties or take up employment. When you see a job posting that requires certifications, you need to take them seriously – they are not just "nice-to-have" requirements.

Regulations written in blood

Before the advent of modern safety certifications and requirements on Alberta job sites, injuries (and fatalities) were common occurrences. If you've ever heard the phrase "safety regulations are written in blood," it refers to the fact that someone was injured, disabled, or killed, leading to new safety regulations.

Alberta employers are among some of the best in the world in implementing stringent training and certification requirements for employees, but this means you must also take them seriously. Training fraud (having someone else complete your training for you, forging certificates, etc.) is a real threat to the integrity of the systems in place, and it puts everyone at danger; it only takes one or two people without proper training on a job site to create danger to all their coworkers.

Get certified, stay certified, get home from work safely

When you take certified online safety training through Alberta Labour, you are earning a real certification that gives you the right to claim it on your resume, in your work documents, and on the job site.

Your certification is your "ticket" to perform certain duties, and potential employers will take it seriously. As part of your responsibility in the safety ecosystem, you must also be aware of any expirations for your certifications in order to avoid lapses.

Training is often updated over the years, so passing the course easily one time does not guarantee you will pass in the future without additional study and effort. This is not to punish your best efforts – it's a deliberate system to incorporate new best practices and technologies into your skillset.

Alberta jobs are plentiful. Be prepared.

When preparation meets opportunity, you will find success.

If you are aware of your safety certification responsibilities and are proactive about maintaining the proper certifications and knowledge, you can be prepared to apply to new opportunities quickly. In the modern Alberta job market, there are many great jobs to choose from. You will want to make the most of your experience during your job search, so don't let a lack of safety training hold you back; be prepared!

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